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Seo Services Austin

SEO Services In Austin: Is Black Heart SEO Worth A Try?

There is a popular saying that “the end can always justify the means.” You can do whatever you want to get what you are looking for, and it would not matter because your methods will provide results. Well, while there are always faster ways to get quick results on search engines, no one will tell you the long-term consequences of these methods. Black hat SEO has almost become the norm in today's virtual world. Because of the steady increase in the number of websites created daily, many business owners think it's okay to manipulate search engines and get unmerited rankings. If these businesses were to employ professional SEO services in Austin, however, the case will be different.

What Is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO is simply the opposite of white hat SEO. It involves manipulating search engines to get high rankings. It is a quick way to get your business on the first page of search engines. So, if it's such an effective technique why isn't it recommended?

Why You Should Not Pay for Professional SEO Services in Austin That Use Black Hat SEO

Well, black hat SEO provides what can be referred to as a temporal boost. You'll move so fast that you'll crash and burn. How so? For starters, one of the common techniques used by websites is keyword stuffing. Keywords are good for optimization but when the density used is well above the required density, your page might appear first. The pit fall is that adding too many keywords to content will remove value and meaning from the content. You'll not only drive away prospects, but you will also run a risk of getting caught and banned from search engines.

Invisible text, color matching text, irrelevant keywords, sneaky redirects, mirror websites, duplicate pages, etc., are only going to annoy users and get your website banned. If you're a business owner who has a service to offer, what will you gain when people bounce in and out of your website? You're have traffic with high bounce rates and low conversion rates. The end doesn't justify the means in this case because the end shouldn't be traffic but conversion.

Selling And Farming Links is No Good

Some of the most common techniques in black hat SEO are selling and farming. Selling involves buying links from other high ranking pages. This is done in a bid to trick search engines into tagging their page as relevant. Farming involves collecting web pages that internally link to each other in a bid to increase page ranking. While small link farms may not be harmful, large link farms include thousands of websites. Each website will have a dedicated page that is meant to list links to other pages on the site. While these two techniques can give your website a momentary boost, your website will get flagged as soon as the scheme is detected. When you get caught your page will either be demoted or banned completely. So, no, link farming and selling aren't useful tools for optimization.

The Verdict

Black hat SEO never ends well. You'll enjoy a boost in traffic at first, and that's it. If you're looking for a way to build an online presence, do the right thing and consult providers of professional SEO services in Austin.


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